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Appointed Person for Lifting Operations
Course Aims

This course covers the functions required to undertake Lifting Supervisor to meet the minimum formal training and assessment standards for the purposes of certification through Workplace Health and Safety.

Course Content

Day 1 Topics – Regulation and Procedures

  • Terminologies in Lifting Industry
  • Estimation of Load Weight/ Sources of Load Weight Information
  • Center of Gravity of Load
  • Introduction to Lifting Gear
  • Certification Requirements of Lifting Gear as per QP Lifting Regulation
  • User Inspection of Lifting Gear Prior to Use
  • Mode Factors
  • Effect of Sling Angles and Resultant Load on Lifting Gear
  • Load Calculations on Lifting Gear for Various Lift Conditions
  • Selection of Lifting Gear Incorporating QP Lifting Regulation
  • Using Capacity Charts for Selection of Slings
  • Use of Man Riding Baskets, Material Baskets, and Containers
  • Use of Lifting Beams and Frames

Day 2 Topics – Working With Cranes

  • Load Capacity Chart/ Duty Charts
  • Quadrants of Operation
  • Configuring Crane as Per Duty Chart
  • Outrigger, Boom and Counterweight Setup
  • Ground Load Bearing Requirements
  • Wire Rope Reeving Diagrams
  • Automatic Safe Load Indicator Setup as Per Duty Chart
  • Use of Range Diagram
  • Factors Affecting Crane Capacity
  • Communication Signals
  • Certification Requirements of Crane As Per QP Lifting Regulation
  • Safety Videos

Day 3 Topics – Management and Control

  • Control of Lifting Equipment in Rigging Loft or Lifting Equipment Store
  • Certification Requirements of Lifting Equipment
  • Certification Requirements of Personnel Involved in Lifting Operations
  • Planning of Load Rigging and Lifting Operations
  • Lifting Operations of Varying Complexity
  • Lifting Plans of Different Crane Load Chart
  • Safety Videos

Afternoon Session of Day 3

  • Final Assessment/Examination
  • Open Forum
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Course Closure

Valid for three (3) years


Written Assessment

Candidate eligibility criteria
  • At least minimum 35 years of age
  • Minimum secondary level educated/Basic Rigging Certificate/Diploma/ Equivalent
  • 10 years rigging experience in Construction/Oil and gas industry
  • Should have previous Basic Rigging and Slinging certification(s)
  • Good in English and Maths
  • Should be able to do calculations required in lifting operations
  • Should be able to compile familiarization of mobile crane operations

The course is delivered in English or Hindi.


3 Days

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