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HSE Virtual Reality

Safety is a behaviour. Make a long-term influence on your team’s behaviour

Objectives of Introducing VR-based HSE Training

Create a virtual simulation of accidents and incidents to expose your teams to the hazards in their line of work and minimize the risks in real life.

Generate accurate statistics into the procedural errors made during the immersive experience and compare results between your different sites for the purpose of debriefing your teams and leading change.

Involve your teams in unique immersive simulations and thereby anticipate and take long-term action on their behaviour.

The First HSE Virtual Reality Lab in Qatar

DISS has integrated VR exercises in few HSE courses because we trust that people learn and understand best when they interact with a resource (learning by doing instead of learning through abstraction). Indeed, an individual retains 20% of what he heard and retains 90% of what he felt. Through our VR-based course, your employees confront risks related to the non-compliance of safety rules in a 3D virtual environment that provides a fairly faithful representation of reality and a sensory based learning style. Furthermore, real-time statistics on the procedural errors made are available as well as an innovative management tool for debriefing and leading change.

Why choose our Virtual Reality HSE Training?

Developed by HSE expert advices

More than 53 off the shelves ready HSE-VR exercise

Advanced technology developed by our partner Immersive factory.


Hazard Spotting

Find risks/hazards in an environment. Hazards are picked at random to enable replayability


Equip yourself and perform real activities. Each deviation from standard protocols will lead to an accident.

Driving Behaviour

Drive around and perform work activities with a vehicle. Careless behaviours will lead to an accident.

Pedestrian Circulation

Walk around in a work environment to accomplish objectives. Pay attention to other workers, vehicles and environmental hazards.

Test & Recycling

Answer questions by selecting, using or equipping objects. Train newcomers or evaluate experienced workers.

Audit & Evaluation

Find good and bad behaviours classify them, make an overall evaluation of the enterprise/site.

How we can help you

Engage your teams at DISS VR Lab

Enroll your Staff in our HSE blended courses that are offered in classroom where students are subjected to Virtual reality exercise to spot real risks and hazards in different 3D situations and learn in real work situations in both construction and Oil & Gas related sites

Build your own VR customized training

DISS will help you develop a custom exercise that fits your industry, work sites, culture and standards with full consideration to the real situation of your workplaces. There are 3 models that can permit you to develop your own VR exercise. DISS team will sit and understand your business needs and deliver the work in collaboration with our VR technology partners Immersive Factory.