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Working at Heights


This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and practical skills to interpret the requirements of legislation and standards with reference to QCS 2014 relevant to the prevention of falls in the workplace. This training is suitable for clients who are required to work at heights and will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to work safely and effectively at heights, and basic rescue as required in accordance with legislative requirements.

target audience

Any person working at height higher than 2 meters from their feet to the ground or within 2 meters of an edge where a fall can take place.

course details
2 HoursEnglishDISS
 *Please notify us if an interpretation is required*Re-certification: 2 years
course benefits/ progression benefits
course objectives

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • To describe how the work at height regulations apply to your work environment and the use of personal fall protection equipment.
  • Selection and Inspection of Work equipment used to work at Heights.
  • To allow participants to identify the most suitable fall protection equipment for the task.
  • To enable participants to carry out pre-use checks of their personal fall protection equipment to ensure it is fit for purpose.
  • To give an overview of the consequences and appropriate actions for a casualty suspended in a full-body fall arrest harness.
course outline
  • Legislation including Health, safety, and welfare at work.
  • Hazards &risks associated while working at Height.
  • Different types of working platforms used when working at height.
  • Fall prevention and protection.
  • Personal fall arrest system.
  • Activities and working areas where Fall protection needed.
  • Fall protection plan.
  • Actions that are taken during an emergency.
mode of delivery
WebinarShould be completed within 90 days



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