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Working at Heights and Rescue Training


Planning for fall protection plays an important role in safety in any industry where workers are at height. While companies may understand the importance of having a plan and equipment in place, many fail to fully address the issue of escape from heights and/or rescue after a fall has occurred.

This course gives trainees the ability to practice, learn and plan the response procedure when some one has fallen while working at heights. This course is relevant to individuals that are a part of an emergency Response team (ERT).

target audience
  • Workers who will be part of a first response rescue team
  • This course is ideal for construction workers, scaffolders, and facilities maintenance Engineers.
  • Others that require a practical enhancement to the work at height course for worker/supervisor.
course details
2 Days (half session)EnglishDISS
 or 1 Day (full day)*Please notify us if an interpretation is required*Re-certification: 2 years
course benefits/ progression opportunities
Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will understand the use of a rescue kit in a variety of locations and rescue a casualty who has fallen from a platform. They will also learn and understand the measures to prevent falls from heights in the first place. This course also helps to create an awareness of the dangers at the construction sites and enable workers to understand the following

  • To describe how the working at height regulations apply to your work environment and the use of personal fall protection equipment.
  • To allow delegates to identify the most suitable personal fall protection equipment for the task.
  • To enable delegates to carry out pre-use checks of their personal fall protection equipment to ensure it is fit for purpose.
  • To give an overview of the consequences and appropriate actions for a casualty suspended in a full-body fall arrest harness.
course outline
course syllabus: Theory
  • Introduction to Working at height
  • Legislation- A Guide to comply with working at height regulations.
  • Selection of equipment &Inspection
  • Three ways to use Harness
  • Pre-use checks- How to carry out pre-use checks
  • Emergency Planning- Managing Falling hazard during a rescue
  • Steps towards Risk assessment(related to rescues)
  • Actions need to be taken to limit the effects of suspension
  • Methods involved in Working at Height Rescue
  • Selection of equipment &inspection (Rescue kit)
course syllabus: practical
  • Rescue from Ladder and tower
  • Rescue from structure using rescue pole /rescue methods.
  • Written
  • Practical
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