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Risk Management with @Risk Software

  • Every business  has risks. The organizations that succeed are the ones that plan for those risks—anticipating, mitigating, and providing response and contingency plans for negative events that may or may not occur.
  • As an add-in to Microsoft Excel, @RISK links directly to Excel to add risk analysis capabilities. The @RISK system provides all the necessary tools for setting up, executing, and viewing the results of Risk Analyses. And @RISK works in a style you are familiar with Excel-style menus and functions.
  • @RISK allows you to use functions to define uncertain cell values as probability distributions. @RISK adds a set of new functions to the Excel function set, each of which allows you to specify a different distribution type for cell values. Distribution functions can be added to any number of cells and formulas throughout your worksheets [email protected] has sophisticated capabilities for specifying and executingsimulations of Excel models.
  • @Risk not only cover projects Risks but also able to model and  analyze  Business , operation , financial , marketing or any other kinds of Risks .
course details

3 Days

EnglishDISS Certificate
 *Please notify us if an interpretation is required 
course benefits/progression opportunities
Course objectives

Understanding the steps of Risk Management by PMBOK 6th Edition .Understanding Business  Risks  and Modeling them in @ Risk. Analyze model and get the result to lead decision maker to take the best decision among options .

course outline
Day 1Day 2Day 3
  • Risk management knowledge and steps based on PMBOK 6
  • Identify Risks, Qualitative & quantitative Risk analyze
  • Describing Risk with a Probability Distribution
  • Getting Started with @RISK
  • @RISK Model Window
  • Probability Distributions in Your Worksheet
  • Correlating Input Variables
  • Fitting Distributions to Data
  • Browse Results Mode
  • Results Summary Window
  • Detailed Statistics Window
  • Sensitivity Analysis Results
  • Scenario Analysis Results
  • Histogram and Cumulative Graphs
  • Histogram and Cumulative Graphs
  • Scatter Plots
  • Define Distributions Command
  • Add Output Command
  • Simulation Settings Command
  • Goal Seek Command
  • Stress Analysis Command
  • Advanced Sensitivity Analysis
  • Introduction to RISKOptimizer
  • Efficient Frontier Analysis
  • Time Series Commands
  • Using @RISK with Microsoft Project
  • Risks Reports
course Methodology

The format of the Three-day workshop is a series of brief lectures followed by discussion and hands-on exercises. Case studies and business examples are used to illustrate success and failure. Trainee participation in the program is encouraged through group activities, assignments, role-plays. Relevant case studies are also discussed with the training audience.



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