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Emergency First Aid with CPR and AED

This course teaches individuals how to recognize first aid emergencies and care for an injury or illness until professional help arrives. The course is intended for individuals who needs to expand the basic first aid response along with the safe use of automated external defibrillator and a detailed look at the contents of a First Aid Kit.

Who to attend

For individuals who need to deliver first aid before the arrival of the qualified first aider. They are appointed person at work.

E.g. Workplace office Employees, Laborers, Home Personnel, Public, Commercial premise staff, Immediate Supervisors, Front liners etc.

Why it is important to attend

Delaying aid delays the chances of survival of a victim who might be not breathing or needs first aid attention. Understanding when to react to an illness or injury is vital until a qualified first aider responds and when the medical professional arrives.

Course Outline
  • Introduction to First Aid 
  • Patient Assessment
  • Cardiac Arrest, CPR and Defibrillation
  • Choking
  • Recognition and Treatment of Bleeding, Wound Care and Shock
  • Recognition and Treatment of Burn and Heat Stress
  • Dealing with Illnesses
  • Bone, Joint and Muscle Injuries

Multiple Choice Assessment and Practical demonstration



Re-certification interval

Two (2) years

Delivery Language

English (Other language can be arranged dependent on need)


6 Hours