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COVID-19: Back to the Workplace-Adapting Workplaces and Protecting Workers


Following the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-2019) pandemic, many restrictive measures were taken to fight the spread of the disease including reduced operations of many workplaces and the requirement for workers to work from home. Now that we are seeing a reduction in COVID-19 transmission rates, organisations are gradually restarting operations and employees are returning to work in a phased approach. This means many companies must implement new procedures and practices in a very short time to ensure the safety of their staff and avoid an outbreak of the disease. This course offers practical support for returning to the workplace and explores appropriate preventive measures that will help to achieve a safe and healthy return to work following the relaxation of physical distancing measures, and also contribute to suppressing transmission of COVID-19.

target audience

All organizations who need support in the safe return to work

course details
3 HoursEnglishDISS
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Course Objectives

The aim of this training is to help employers and workers to stay safe and healthy in a working environment that has changed significantly because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Course outline
  • Conducting COVID-19 Risk assessments and implementing appropriate control measures.
  • Minimising exposure to COVID-19 through infection prevention and control measures
  • Hygiene measures and actions
  • Dealing with suppliers and clients
  • Vulnerable employees
  • Protecting the mental wellbeing of workers
  • Coping with a high rate of absence and how to minimise it
  • Involving workers in the HSE prevention strategy
  • What to do if a worker develops symptoms at the workplace.
  • Planning and learning for the future and Staying well informed
  • Continuous evaluation throughout the Session &
  • Final Written Assessment