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Confined Space Rescue


The course will provide trainees with the skills to recognise and identify regulated confined spaces and the hazards associated with them, complete a risk assessment prior to entering and working in confined spaces and evacuate the space and rescue others in the event of an emergency. This will ensure their own safety and the safety of others prior to starting work and in an emergency situation or in the event of an accident or injury.

target audience

This course is designed for personnel and contractors that may be called to undertake rescues from confined spaces which can be categorised as High Risk, in accordance with UK Confined Space regulations 1997 and OSHA Regulations 2015.

course details
2 DaysEnglishDISS
 *Please notify us if an interpretation is required 
course outline
Course Skill Sets

Skill sets are based on basic training in the following subjects:

  • confined space entry
  • gas detection
  • risk identification and assessment
  • use of an SCBA set
  • use of the recovery winch, tripod, and stretcher.
terminal objectives

The training course standards are paralleled against a variety of standards across the UK industrial codes of practice including, The Health and Safety First aid a work regulations 2013, Management pf Health and safety at work Regulations 1999, The Confined Space Regulations 1997, general provisions of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other relevant regulations.

equipment requirements
  • Pen
  • Flip chart
  • Projector & Display Screen
  • Entry control board
  • SCBA set (1 per student)
  • Tripod
  • Recovery Winch
  • Rescue stretcher
  • Fall Arrest Harness (1 per student)
  • 4×4 gas monitors
Course tutor

1 Trainer per 12 students (Maximum)

  • Personal Demonstration

On completion of training all students will be expected to show competence by demonstrating all the above skill sets in a realistic accident simulation.

Students failing any risk critical outcome of the syllabus may be removed from the training course and be required to undergo a period of further training prior to re-attending.

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