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CCTV Operator Awareness
Course Aim

To enable the security operators who are working as CCTV operator to work efficiently by giving the
concepts and practices and skills looked from them.


• On completion the delegates, be able to have knowledge and understanding on the following
• Roles and responsibilities within the CCTV Control Room Environment
• Customer care good practices
• Various legal requirements in Security Industry
• CCTV equipment and its operation
• CCTV equipment operations within the Control Room environment
• Various surveillance techniques in CCTV operation

Course Content

Session 1: Introduction to Private Security Industry

1 Identify different security sectors
2 Qualities of a security Operative
3 Career opportunities within the private security sector

Session 2: Communication Skills and Customer Care

1 The basic elements of effective communication, different types and importance of effective communication
2 Different types of customers and their needs

Session 3: Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry

1 Explain Human Rights and the private security Industry
2 Discrimination
3 Equality Act 2010

Session 4: CCTV Equipment and Operation

1 How CCTV systems work
2. Functional checks and fault reporting
3. Keypads, joysticks and associated equipment
4. Weather, lighting and poor positioning
5. Lux (lighting) and measurements
6. Producing and recording images and storage

Session 5: Control Room Communications and Access Control

1 Explain the importance of accurate oral and written communication
2 Customer care, complaints and telephones
3 Operating the radio, radio procedures
4 The phonetic alphabet

Session 6: Surveillance Techniques

1 Surveillance planning
2 Targeting
3 Tracking and following of evidence
4 Lost contact details


DISS Certificate


4 Hours

DATE          TIME
14 Aug 202015:00-17:0016:00-18:00
28 Aug 202015:00-:17:00PM16:00-18:00
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