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Advanced HAZMAT Spill Response


The Advanced Hazardous Substance Spill Response course educates the workers in the hazards and requirements associated with handling; storing; working with as well as dealing with a chemical spill incident. Often employees at this level are also members of the companies Emergency Response Team (ERT).

course aim

Enable the student to better Understand and Identify Hazardous Chemicals, their Potential Hazards, Use, Storage, and Disposal requirements. To provide an Emergency Response to any HAZMAT leak, spill or incident, and safely manage and contain the Incident in a professional manner.

course details
1  Day EnglishDISS
 *Please notify us if an interpretation is required 
course outline
  • The HAZMAT safety regulations
  • The identification of hazardous substances
  • The dangers posed by hazardous substances
  • Dangerous substance classifications
  • Worksite evaluation and safety considerations
  • The HAZCOM program
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • HAZMAT PPE, safety equipment, spill kit, and decontamination equipment/facilities
  • Various chemical spills and incidents
  • The company’s emergency response plan, and procedures
  • Respiratory protection standard
  • Demonstrate the ability to Recognize, Respond quickly and effectively to a HAZMAT emergency
  • Establish a Safe HAZMAT scene, including appropriate spill containment
  • Establishing company incident Prevention measures
  • Understand the Company’s Standing Operating Procedures
method of training
80% of training, with Audio-visual Presentations, using real situations.20% of training with:
  • Individual or
  • Group problem-solving exercise
  • A group exercise and a written evaluation is conducted to established competency
course tutor

1 Trainer per 20 Candidates Maximum per course