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Operational Environmental Management Plans (OEMP)

DISS can provide services for development and/or review/endorsement of OEMP. The purpose of the OEMP is to comply with all applicable environmental protection laws and meet the conditions included in the project Environmental Permit.

This is done by providing a set of measures and practical mechanisms to ensure that adequate environmental safeguards are implemented to avoid (where possible) or mitigate (where practicable) environmental impacts resulting due to operation of the project. The OEMP outlines project specific environmental management commitments and requirements, identifies project environmental issues, and recommends mitigation measures applicable to the operational phase of the Project.

This OEMP document discusses the environmental impacts, mitigation measures to be adopted to eliminate any potential major consequence in the surrounding environment. This OEMP will be a key inclusion along with the Consent‐to‐operate permit application, which is a binding requirement to adhere with all applicable environmental regulations.

Who should we sell it to?

  • Power Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Industrial Plants

Who should we discuss it with?

Operations Managers, Project directors, Health and Safety managers, Environmental managers, or engineers.

Why clients want to do it?

  • Compliance with environmental law and project commitments
  • Avoidance, minimization, and mitigation of environmental impacts
  • Facilitate the timely distribution of information and increase awareness
  • Provide a guide to the management and notification of environmental incidents
  • General improvements in environmental maintenance methods

Why hire a consultant?

  • Mandatory by some clients to use a third party
  • Some clients do not have internal resources to develop
  • Specialized knowledge of the environmental consultant