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HSE Certification: DISS

Basic Scaffolding

Basic Scaffolding (HSE) Download Brochure Register Now Introduction This course is designed to give participants the knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently perform basic scaffolding. The course covers regulation, safety requirements. Tube and fitting, frames, mobile scaffolding, ladders, and trestles. Course Objectives To enable them to understand related safety standard and statutory requirements pertaining …

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CCTV Operator Awareness

CCTV Operator Awareness (HSE) Download Brochure Register Now Course Aim To enable the security operators who are working as CCTV operator to work efficiently by giving theconcepts and practices and skills looked from them. Objectives • On completion the delegates, be able to have knowledge and understanding on the followingareas.• Roles and responsibilities within the …

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Basic Security Officer

Basic Security Officer (HSE) Download Brochure Register Now Course Aim To provide information on roles and responsibilities of security professional for their betterperformance Course Outcome On completion of this course candidate will be able to: Explain the role and responsibilities if a security professional Carry out their duties in a professional way by understanding the …

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Workzone Traffic Management

Workzone Traffic Management (HSE) Download Brochure Register Now Course Aimed At As part of operation, maintenance and development of a road network it is necessary to creatework zones, temporary closures, managing incidents and other planned and unplanned events. It istherefore important to plan all work activities to optimize road safety, road space andwork efficiency whilst …

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Crisis Management and Emergency Response

Crisis Management and Emergency Response (HSE) Download Brochure Register Now Introduction Out of nowhere, an emergency situation and crisis strikes. These unwanted situations might include natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, extreme sandstorm, or other events that could also disrupt the business operations such as major fire, hazardous chemical spillage, etc.  It is highly important …

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Event and Crowd Safety

Event and Crowd Safety (HSE) Download Brochure Register Now Pre-Course Requisites Candidate should be physically able to carry out procedures detailed in the course outline and must attend all the sessions to be eligible for certification. Objectives The overall aim is to provide the delegates with the necessary knowledge, understanding and proficiency to carry out …

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Advanced HAZMAT Spill Response

Advanced HAZMAT Spill Response (HSE) Download Brochure Register Now Introduction The Advanced Hazardous Substance Spill Response course educates the workers in the hazards and requirements associated with handling; storing; working with as well as dealing with a chemical spill incident. Often employees at this level are also members of the companies Emergency Response Team (ERT). …

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Basic Emergency Response Team

Basic Emergency Response Team (HSE) Download Brochure Register Now Course aim This basic training course is aimed at candidates who may occasionally work in difficult or hazardous environments or may need to have additional skills to deal with occasional emergencies. It will provide them with the skills and information to ensure their own safety and …

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