Value Methodology Fundamentals (VMF) 1

Course information:

Course will cover topics of cost reduction, Value Analysis Value Engineering (VAVE), Design and process improvement as applied to manufactured products. Course is appropriate for the supply base, management, engineering, program management, or other support personnel and especially helpful to the Director or VP with Profit and Loss responsibility. This course is highly rated from past participants. Equip yourself with the knowledge to transform your VAVE / Cost reduction into an effective high payback activity.

Course objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • What is Value Analysis Value Engineering?
  • Application of VAVE tools for specific products, processes, and services.
  • Learn how to develop business cases, with associated action plans for implementation.
  • Understanding the application of Function Analysis.
  • Definition Value as a Basic Concept
  • Types of Value
  • Identify Potential Value Improvement Opportunities
  • Define Function Analysis and Purpose of Using Function Analysis
  • Express the Purpose and Procedures of Each Phase of the VM Job Plan
  • How to Develop Recommendations
  • Identify Key Features to Sell Value Opportunities
  • Illustrate Key Value Recommendations
  • What are the Core Competency Education Objectives for VAVE?
  • Select and apply the Value Management tools most appropriate for particular improvement need.
  • How to use function analysis to identify waste, design effectiveness, and improvements
  • Translate improvements into financial terms.

Course outlines:

  • Introduction
  • Core Competencies Summary
  • Value Methodology Basics
  • Value Methodology History
  • Value Methodology Certification
  • Concept of Value
  • Value Methodology Basics
  • Six Phase Value Methodology Job Plan
  • Summary of the Training Course and the Value Methodology


September, November

5 Days Course – 8:am to 3:00pm

October, December

5 Days Course – 8:am to 3:00pm

Other Qualification
Business Courses, Engineering & Construction
With Certification

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