Permit to Work Awareness

Certification Body: DISS

Course Introduction

Instructions or procedures are adequate for most work activities, but some require extra care. A “permit to work” is a more formal system stating exactly what work is to be done and when, and which parts of the work are safe. Employees undertaking the job sign the permit to show that they understand the risks involved and what precautions are necessary. This Permit to Work Awareness course will enable managers to assess the requirements of a particular job or task, and ensure that Permit to Work documentation is completed correctly – and that employees undertaking hazardous activities are competent to do so safely.

Course Aim

A Permit to Work (PTW) system ensures that formal validation and authority is given when Hazardous work is to be undertaken. It ensures that all components of the Safe system of Work are established before high risk work commences, thereby controlling and reducing risk to individuals and the Organization.

Course Objectives

By the end of the Permit to Work Course, delegates will have a detailed awareness and understanding of:

  • What is Permit-to-Work System
  • Types of permits
  • When are Permit-to-Work required
  • Essentials of Permit-to-Work systems
  • Permit Authorization and Supervision
  • Harmonizing roles within Permit-to-Work systems
  • Responsibilities

Course Contents


  • What is Permit-to- Work System
  • When are Permit-to-Work systems required

Essentials of Permit-to-Work systems:

  • Display
  • Hand Back
  • Permit Authorisation and Supervision
  • Suspension
  • Permit Interaction
  • Handover


  • Employers or duty holders
  • Site or Installation managers (acting as originator, permit authorize or area authority)
  • Contractors’ or Subcontractors’ Management
  • Responsible Authority (Issuing Authority or Area Authority)
  • Supervisor Personnel (acting as Performing Authority or Permit User)
  • Individuals (acting as Permit Issuer, Site Checker or Isolating Authority)
  • Training and Competence
  • Work Planning and Risk Assessment
  • Monitoring, audit and review of permit-to-work systems

Re-certification Interval: Two (2) years

Delivery Language(s): English or Hindi

Target Audience: All employees participating in a Permit to Work system

Course Duration: 4 hours

Type: Basic

Assessment: Examination – Multiple Choice


July, September, November


Schedule Available Upon Request

August, October, December


Schedule Available Upon Request

Short Course
Aviation & Maritime, Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Trading & Contracting
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