Lean Management

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Lean Management lead to lean processes that are changing businesses around the world through concepts, methods, and techniques that create outstanding results and translate directly into bottom-line profits. Based on the management philosophy of reduction of the “7 wastes”, when waste is eliminated, quality is improved, time is decreased, and cost is reduced.

This Lean Management course will provide a systematic approach for Lean implementation practices, a toolbox of techniques for problem solving, continuous improvement, plus C

Course Objectives

  • This Lean Management training course introduces participants to many lean concepts and helps to deliver an understanding of the benefits of Lean for their organization.
  • Participants will gain a practical level understanding of the key Lean principles, various tools and techniques and how to begin putting into practice these tools and techniques.

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Introduction to Lean Management Applications in an Organization
  • Introduction to a Systematic Lean Implementation Approach
  • Why Implementations Fail or Deliver Less Than Expected Results

Module 2 – Hidden Wastes

  • Identifying the 7 Hidden Wastes and How Much they are Costing the Organization
  • Waste of Motion
  • Waste of Transportation
  • Inventory Waste
    • Waste of Waiting Time
    • Overproduction Waste
    • Waste of Defects and Rework
    • Waste of Over Processing

Module 3 – Improvement Opportunities

  • Identify Potential Improvement Opportunities
  • Personalizing the Training by Identifying Wastes Within Your Own Company (Breakout Exercise)
  • Dot Game Exercise, 1st Round
  • Interactive Classroom Factory to Provide Problems Found in Most Processes

Module 4- Introduction to Lean Basics & tools

  • Intro to Lean Manufacturing
  • Visual Controls
    • Push Vs. Pull Production
    • Single Piece Flow and Cellular
  • Manufacturing JIT and Kanban
  • Dot Game Exercise, 2nd Round

Module 5 – Value Stream Mapping

  • Quick Change-overs
  • Error Proofing
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Kaizen Blitz or Rapid Improvement Process

Module 6 – Understanding the Process Variation

  • Deviation from the target
  • Steepness of probability line or width of pdf
  • Signs of more causes of variation

Module 7 – Managements Involvement

  • Management support of the Lean Management Initiative
  • What Management Has to Do to Make these Changes Stick

Module 8 – Lean Management Action Plan

  • Development of An Action Plan to Implement Lean Principles Across Your Organization
  • Developing A Road Map to Success for Lean Implementation


  • This course is designed for individuals from diverse organizational functions-operations, quality, logistics, finance, production, engineering and other staff functions.
  • PC Laptop computers are required and must be provided by the participant with internet access
  • The instruction is a blend of lecture, application, and individual and team-based exercises.



Duration: 3 Days Course

Timing: 08:00am to 03:00pm


Duration: 3 Days Course

Timing: 08:00am to 03:00pm

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Business Courses
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