Leadership That Gets Result

Course information: 

Leadership has always been a challenge on the three levels. The characteristics of the leader, the attitude of the follower and the situation both the leader and followers continuously face. The program focuses on the first identifying leadership characteristics of the leader, then enhancing the knowledge, attitude, skills and habits of the desired leader. The ultimate question has been whether all managers are truly great leaders. While managers mostly work in the system, while it is the imperative of an effective leader to work on the system. The only constant we are living now a days is change. In such changing times it is strongly required that leaders acquire the necessary attributes to invite their followers to embrace change, to accept the fact that change happens constantly and is for the better. Leaders must be the catalyst in promoting the culture of their companies in terms of vision and corporate values. Because the first requirement of the corporate’ success is being able to promote the company’s culture on all levels of the organization. Identifying the leader’s role in creating excitement in their followers for wholehearted commitment and participation through unleashing talents and required passion. The clear distinction between the “boss” or the “servant” role of the leader surely defines the type of the desired team. ​

Course objectives: 

  • Effective leading of teams. Our people being the most important capital throughout organizations. ​
  • Identifying the objectives required of each team in achieving desired results ​
  • Pinpointing the leadership challenges getting in the way of team achievements ​
  • What different steps should be taken in order to lead the team towards getting outstanding performance ​
  • The role of the leader in leading different generations within the team. ​
  • Learned the Kouzes Posner Leadership Model

Course contents: 

Module 1: Unbiased open discussion 

  • What is Leadership ​
  • Why Leadership important ​
  • Analysis: Leading Teams ​
  • Management vs. Leadership ​
  • Old Leadership practices in managing teams ​
  • Leadership Challenges in changing times ​

Module 2: Emotional Intelligence 

  • The evolution of Leadership ​
  • The 6 Leadership Style ​
  • The 4 roles in Leading people greatly ​
  • Generation X and Y Leadership ​
  • Attaining greatness in Leadership performance ​
  • Winning Companies vs. others through Great Leadership ​
  • The 8 rules for Great Leaders ​

Module: 3 Situational Leadership 

  • Identifying Great Leaders in the 21st century ​
  • 4 competencies of successful Leaders ​
  • Creating a leaderly Vision and mission ​
  • Kouzes Posner Leadership Model ​
  • SWOT Analysis for Leadership ​


September, November

3 Days course – 5 hours each Day

October, December

3 Days course – 5 hours each Day

Other Qualification
Business Courses, Soft Skills
With Certification

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