Effective Selling Techniques

Course Information:  

This course will focus on a Sales tool. It is ideally suited for the professionals who make cold calls, warm calls, or those who serve existing customers. During the course, we will look at tactics for staying positive, methods for planning calls, techniques for researching prospects, ideas for getting past gatekeepers, and models for structuring conversations. It will help participants to effectively use different types of selling techniques to increase the customer portfolio value and improve the market share and number of sold services per customer. It shows how sales should be planned and managed, ways to overcome customer objections and to finally close the sale. ​

Course Objectives:

Upon the completion of this course, the participant will be able to: ​

  • Use goal-setting techniques as a way to focus on what should be accomplished and develop strategies for getting there​
  • Recognise the difference between features and benefits of products and services​
  • Identify and present the competitive strengths of products and services​
  • Use different types of selling for different situations​
  • Identify ways to find new clients and network effectively​
  • Understand the importance of expanding a client base through effective prospecting​
  • Be able to identify target markets and target companies with the 80/20 rule in mind​
  • Identify the objections that can be encountered most frequently​
  • Learn how to recognise when a prospect is ready to buy​
  • Learn how upselling/cross selling can retain and grow sales and customers. ​
  • Use techniques for closing the sale​

Course Contents:  

Module 1: Why Sales Career is Great, Sales Formula, 

  • Why Sales career can boost your life success​
  • Characteristic of a Super Sales Person​
  • Sales Formula​
  • Reasons of why Sales people suffer​
  • How banking customers buy from you​

Module 2: What type of customers to target, effective segmentation

  • Who to target from your accounts list ​
  • Avoid the trap of “Established demand”​
  • Customer segmentation​
  • Value Account Plan creation​

Module 3: Creative Openings  

  • A Basic Opening for Warm Calls​
  • Warming up Cold Calls​
  • Using the Referral Opening​

Module 4: Making Your Pitch 

  • Sell yourself and the bank- Become likable​
  • Uncover customer needs​
  • Create value​
  • 5 Sales stages ​
  • Sales Weapons​

Module 5: Handling Objections and different types of customers

  • Common Types of Objections​
  • Personality types and dealing with different types of customers​

Module 6: Sealing the Deal 

  • Understanding When It’s Time to Close​
  • Powerful Closing Techniques​
  • Follow up techniques​
  • Resolving Customer Service Issues​
  • Staying in Touch​

Module 7: New Customer acquisition through effective prospecting

  • Acquire new customers through: ​
  • Outdoor canvasing ​
  • relationship building​
  • capitalizing on marketing campaigns ​
  • referrals & Leads generations​

Module 8: Cross selling  

  • Sell multiple products to the same customer ​
  • Deepen the customer relationship​
  • Customer education ​
  • Product bundling​
  • Product portfolio management​
  • Cross-unit sales and referrals​
  • Event-driven marketing​
  • Loyalty management​

Module 9: Customers Retention ​

  • Activation strategies: ensuring clients are utilizing products​
  • Retention strategies: ensuring clients are not leaving your bank: ​
  • Reactive strategies​
  • Proactive strategies​

Module 10: individual Sales KPIs (input & output) ​

  • Converting your performance into activities based​
  • Effective Sales funnel measure of one self​
  • Segregating the Sales KPIs into weekly input & output KPIS​

Setting Targets for Input Vs. Output


September, November

3 Days Course – 8 hours each Day

October, December

3 Days Course – 8 hours each Day

Other Qualification
Business Courses, Sales, Marketing, & Customer Service
With Certification

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