Confined Space Supervisor

Course Introduction:

Provide participants with the ability to prepare for confined space work; provide information to workers; ensuring the health and safety of personnel entering and working in a confined space; supervising entry and work; implementing emergency and rescue systems; and withdrawing personnel from a confined space and facilitate return to service.

Course Content:

  • Definition of Confined Space
  • Access, interpret and apply technical and safety information
  • Apply activity coordination and supervision procedures
  • Apply effective communication with a range of people in the workplace
  • Apply environmental requirements
  • Apply procedures for working at heights
  • Apply task analysis techniques
  • Apply atmospheric contaminants measurement procedures
  • Apply first aid and fire fighting techniques
  • Legislation, standards, and code of practice as they apply to confined spaces
  • Responsibilities of employers and employees, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and installers in general as they apply to safe work in confined spaces
  • The process of hazard identification, risk assessment, and control for confined space.
  • The effects of atmospheric contaminants entering the respiratory system
  • Risks to workers handling hazardous substances in confined spaces
  • Risks from electric shock, explosion or fire, temperature changes, noise, and trips, slips, and falls
  • Relationship between work environment and safe systems of work
  • Maintaining Injury record systems
  • Consultation requirements and procedures with employees and employee representative
  • Control measure and the hierarchy of controls

Duration: Two (2) Days

Certificate Validity: Two (2) Years

Delivery Language: English

Target Audience: Personnel who are required to plan and supervise confined spaces

Assessment: Practical Assessment


July, September, November


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August, October, December


Schedule Available Upon Request

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Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Trading & Contracting
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