Body Language Mastery Program

Course information:

“It May be Human Nature to Lie, but the truth is written all over our faces and all over messages we portray through our entire body” Become more secure in your dealings with others. Trust your instincts and judgement much more than you ever did! Body Language can make or break our efforts to establish long, trusting relationships. Our body language can help to reinforce and add credibility to what we say, or it can contradict our words. Understanding what signals, we are sending, as well as being able to read the signals that our client send, is an essential skill in any face to face communication throughout our lives. This workshop is based on three internationally accredited scientific approach methodologies only made available by DISS exclusively, arming you with Scientific Knowledge of how to properly interpret body language, spot deception and opt for the right moments! Working with you through the interactive sessions you will maturely use this knowledge to interpret hidden messaged, improve yours, hence helping you throughout though negotiations, job interviewing, sales meeting and everyday communication. What is your body language saying about you? What is the person in front, really telling you? You will just find out this and much more during this newly released body language program!

Course objectives:

  • Explain the important elements to consider when interpreting Body Language
  • Identify the messages being portrayed by your and other’s Body Language
  • Apply your understanding of Body Language to improve your communication style.
  • Know what Micro Expressions as a tool is to concealed emotions is.
  • Go Beneath what is being said – The use of words

Course contents:

Module 1

The Three Secrets – Revealed

  • Core Principles and Five C’s
  • Give me some space
  • Reading Body Language – Gestures
  • Arm Barriers
  • Palm and Handshake Gestures
  • Hand and Thumb Gestures

Module 2

Hand to Face Gestures…or…How to Spot a Liar

  • Chin and Cheek Gestures
  • Eye Signals
  • Matching & Mirroring
  • Micro Expressions

Module 3

Beyond Chosen Words

  • Bringing it all Together – Live Presentations
  • Workshop Wrap-Up


September, November

3 Days course – 8 hours each Day

October, December

3 Days course – 8 hours each Day

Other Qualification
Business Courses, Soft Skills
With Certification

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