Accident/Loss Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Course Aimed At:

  • Those members of Management, who are responsible for undertaking an accident and loss investigation, with the associated evidence gathering activities.

Minimum Entry Qualifications:

  • Qualifications ‐ None
  • Accident investigation kit and procedure

Course Contents:

  • Define the applied terminology
  • To ensure the student understands safety, and the various loss prevention strategies used
  • Equip the student with the knowledge of the causes and different types of accidents
  • The value of a preventative Risk Assessment, vs. a reactive approach to managing safety
  • Failures in incident and accident investigation
  • Incident and accident investigation procedure and techniques
  • Why and who should investigate accident
  • Steps in conducting an investigation
  • Tips for effective interviews
  • Compilation of reports
  • Recommended solutions, and corrective action

Terminal Objectives:

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the philosophy of HSE
  • Understand the aims and objectives of a company safety culture
  • The value of an appropriate risk assessment, i.e. prevention is better than cure
  • Understand the causes of incidents, accidents and the appropriate preventative and corrective actions
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize, respond quickly and effectively manage workplace incidents and accidents
  • Effectively conduct and incident/accident investigation, using the investigation kit
  • Compile a detailed accident report, indicating the causes, the route cause, suggested recommendations and recommended plan of action.

Duration: 8 Hours

Theoretical and Practical Training and Evaluation: Training on a 70% theoretical and 30% practical basis

Training Aids Used:

  • Multimedia projector for power point presentations
  • Whiteboard and marker pens

Class/Instructor Ratio (for Practical Training):

  • Maximum of 12 students per instructor
  • Alternatively the course duration to be proportionally lengthened

Certificate Validity:

Maximum two years


July, August, September


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October, November, December


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Other Qualification
Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure, Trading & Contracting
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